Monday, May 15, 2017

Nicolas's Story - Part 2

We (Norm, my mom, the nurse and I) pushed from 10:15pm until midnight with very little progress. Nicolas was estimated to be over 8lbs and apparently was just not making it down the birth canal.

At midnight my doctor brought up that word that I never wanted to hear "c-section".

I didn't want to have surgery. I was against it 110%.

The doctor was concerned that even if we managed to get Nicolas's head out, there was the very high probability that he was going to have trouble getting his shoulders out due to this size (and my size).

He gave me the option to keep pushing for 30 more minutes or go to surgery at that moment. I decided to keep pushing. Before he left, he also mentioned that if we push for too much longer and have to end up in surgery anyway, there is a possibility that Nicolas's head may get stuck and then the birth would become more complicated because he would have to get pushed back in (that's not the medical term, but that's basically what would need to happen) in order to get him out via c-section.

The doctor left and I pushed a couple more times and that's when Norm and my mom knocked some sense into me. As adamant as I was against surgery, I wanted Nicolas to be born healthy and not be hurt in the process. So we stopped pushing and went to surgery.

The nurse rolled me into the OR and it was a bright room with white walls. There were about 8 nurses in there, each doing their own thing. They were playing music... the radio pop music station.

Everyone was excellent - my nurses, the doctor, the baby's nurses, the anesthesia nurse. Everyone! Before I knew it, they put that blue curtain up, then Norm showed up in his scrubs and shortly there after I heard a voice saying "we have a boy!" followed by a tiny cry... must have been 1:02am.

One of the nurses brought Nicolas over so I could see him, she was cleaning him quickly and he was slightly blue. Norm went over to the newborn table as they did all the birth tests on Nicolas and wrapped him up.

From there, they knocked me out and I woke up at 3:00am in the recovery room. SHAKING. Apparently that is normal as you come off the anesthesia. Good to know. By 3:30am I met Norm, my mom and Nicolas in my room and was finally able to hold my little one.

While I was in recovery, Norm got to have a mini photo session with Nicolas as he took him to the nursery and rang the birth bell - this is a bell that is rang every time a baby is born. It plays a little melody that is heard throughout the hospital.

Thankfully Nicolas was born healthy and strong! We were only in the hospital through Sunday and were dismissed Monday midday. That's when Big Brother came to meet Nicolas as well as Godmother Michelle and Grandma Tillie!

Big Brother gets to hold Nicolas for the first time!

Michelle had the privilege to change Nicolas's first diaper!

Benjamin brought Nicolas a Giraffe on our second day at the hospital.

Finally it was time to go home and someone was not a happy camper...

And just like that, another chapter in our life started... 

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