Friday, June 26, 2009

When in Peru

When in Peru, do as Peruvians do.
Going down a hole in the ground to reset a tripped fuse. Nothing better than smiling faces...

Until the slipper falls into 2 inches of standing, stinky water that covers the floor of hole in the ground which houses the electric box.
When in Peru, do as Peruvians do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Activities

This past weekend sure was a packed one. We went down to Savannah early on Friday and had lunch with Bishop Boland
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while the rest of the family toured Savannah. After dealing with the 100+ heat index, we rushed back to the hotel. Juan Ma and I changed and rushed back to the Cathedral for ordination rehearsal (those squares in downtown Savannah are something serious when it comes to speeding)

Then we went to dinner to the River House with a group of about 20 of us. The restaurant was pretty (online pictures did it justice), the food was delicious - we had a blast.

We called it an night after a beer at the hotel lobby.

Next day we woke up early (some of us over slept, but we managed) and went to ORDINATION. Pictures to be Continued...

We are all so proud of Pablo, his happiness shows through every single action and expression. We are spending intense times that we will never forget.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everything Arrives

In Spanish we say "todo llega" which literally translated means "everything arrives".

It seems like it was just last week that our family was gathered in our living room in Augusta when Pablo announced that he wanted to become a priest and now we are less than 3 days from the big day.

So much planning, so many emails back and forth, so many topics to discuss, so many other happenings that we've had to overcome. It is all wrapping up now. Wow. Deep breath.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Now

We are now living the days that we've all been eagerly anticipating... the days leading up to and of Pablo's Ordination!!!!

Our homes (both mine and Michelle's) are full planing, eating, music, laughing, talking, talking about the planing, and in the heart of it all --- family!!

I'll try to blog as much as possible to help us all remember these wonderful moments of our lives. We are all so proud of Pablo - he is going to be an amazing priest.

I just pray for two things during these packed days that we're living:
1. Patience and good humor (for everybody)
2. That we may not lose sight of what we're celebrating

May the good times roll!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Love!

Six years ago, on a day like today, Norm and I were married in Lima, Peru. What a fun day that was! We had a beautiful party with lots of family and friends right at my parent's backyard (like I had always dreamed). The food was excellent, the music was great - we danced so much that my feet hurt for a whole week straight after the wedding (and that's coming from a "non-dancer").

I could sit here and recount every significant milestone in these past six years - but I won't. They have not been easy - we've had to face very painful situations - without each other and our commitment the hardships in these past years would have been harder to live through - I know it.

We've also had wonderful blessings in these past six years! We have successful careers - doing something we each love, we've had the opportunity to travel lots with family, we have accomplished grown up things like bought our first house, first car, make insurance payments, fixed up our yard. And although at this time we have not been blessed with the ability to expand our family (in human terms) we do have two pups that are the world! (enough on them, I won't let them steal our thunder today).

Here are some pictures of the best day of my life...

I love you Love!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Beautiful Day

I just realized that I only posted 4 times in the month of May (although I never get comments on my posts, I do think (and hope) people are actually reading them). May was a rather busy month, I do have to admit. Work was busy (still learning the new ropes), the planning for Pablo's Ordination was in full speed and we did spend lots of time outside working in the yard...

A couple of weeks ago (Memorial Day, actually) Norm and I spent a beautiful day together. We went to Atlanta and had lunch at Piedmont Park.

Alright, the rum did stay home, but we thought it looked nice as a photo prop

After walking all over the park (literally) we finally found the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I can type all about it, but I think pictures will explain it better...

After all that, we went to the Zac Brown Band concert at Chastain Park. The performance was great and the weather was even better!

For us, days like this one don't come around very often due to conflicting work schedules. All of you out there who get to spend "routine" days off with your husband/family, don't take the opportunities for granted, enjoy the time together and be grateful.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Summer is here!! (not officially, but temperature speaking it is) I bet all sun lovers (like me) are besides themselves with the heat and bright blue skies we've been having lately (here in central GA at least...)

This summer has lots of excitement going on. Juan Ma will turn 13 on the 13th of June. Pablo will be ordained a Priest on the 20th (more to follow on that one later), then on the 24th we all travel down to Lima and spend a few days down there to celebrate Pablo's ordination with family that's not able to travel to Savannah for the Big Event.

Along with both of those exciting events, summertime also brings easily forgotten activities to the everyday life. For example: de-shedding the dogs. I am embarrassed to admit that Pellet has been overdue for a good grooming and all of a sudden, his extreme undercoat sneaked up on us. I just spent the last 45 minutes grooming him (now both him and I are rather worn out). I got enough hair out of him to stuff a pillow. Think I'm exaggerating? See picture below...

Tomorrow will be round #2.

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