Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm going to put it out there: I do not like science. 

I repeat: I do not like science - any kind of science.

However, this is pretty cool. When we were in Florida a few months ago, Norm's dad had these contraptions around his porch. It's a zip lock bag with water and a penny inside of it. It's supposed to repel flies. 

Skeptical about it, I Googled it. And of course, if it's on the internet, it has got to be true. When we got back home, I set up my contraptions.

I have one on each side of the porch. I won't say "no" flies, but I will say overwhelmingly less flies.

Skeptical? I'll save you the search. Read here.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Brunch

Today is my friend Kerrie's Birthday. For as long as I've known her, we have always celebrated her birthday poolside, under the sun. Well, what does one do when the weather has gone crazy and it's 55 degrees and rainy and one cannot spend the day under the sun as one loves? 

Well, one moves on to our second love (second to the sun, but I suppose it would be third to our husbands + the sun) - FOOD! 

We went to Local Three for Brunch. It was Mexican themed, hence Cinco de Mayo. We took full advantage of the fact that we could get three courses (breakfast, lunch and dessert) for the bargain price of $19.95.  Norm wasn't able to come along, but he gave me a piece of advise which I followed to the T. "Get small portions that way you can try a little bit of everything". So I did.....

Biscuit with Mole Sauce, Bacon, Cheese & Spicy Scrambled Eggs,
Pancake with Pina Colada Sauce, French Toast with Blood Orange Sauce,
Fruit Salad, Pan Dulce, Shrimp Cocktail

Trout with Grits, Macaroni & Cheese with Chorizo, Spicy Potatoes,
Ham with Peas and Polenta, some sort of Chicken Enchilada
and some sort of Fritatta 

Chocolate Cake & Rice Pudding with Mango Sauce

Happy Birthday friend! Maybe next year we'll get to enjoy great food under the sun (with both of our husbands)!

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