Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hard Headed

Before Norm left for work today, we had a conversation that went something like this:

Norm [looking at the weather forecast]: They are calling for severe weather this afternoon.
Fern: Yeah, that's what's been on the radar...
Norm: It looks like it's going to be pretty bad. How about you give Pellet some Ace (doggie anxiety medicine) so he doesn't freak out as much. (Pellet FREAKS OUT with storms)
Fern: It will be OK. He won't need it, we'll be alright.

Well guess what... I didn't give Pellet the Ace and he's been barking for the past hour and a half - straight.

The phenomenon is that if Pellet is in his cage before the storm starts, he'll ride it out as mellow as ever. If he's caught not in his cage, he freaks out until the storm is over (however long that might take).

I put him in his cage a couple of minutes ago thinking that he'll relax (at least he won't be running around the house like Fred Flinstone... he doesn't get traction on the new floor) but that hasn't worked. I thought about taking a video of him and the barking and posting it on here but then I thought about the reader's/viewer's ears and decided against it...

I think I'll give him the Ace now, it looks like we have severe weather for a while...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Name

We laugh because Spanish speaking people have a hard time pronouncing Norm's name. They pronounce and write "Nor"...

Today we got our phone book. There's a section where the listing is in numerical order. So we looked up our phone number (which ends in 1910) and found this:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Due

Blogging has been long due (things have actually been going on, our lives have not quite stood still...) along with the blogging being due were the dogs' baths (we have to shamefully admit).

Today all the stars lined up and we were able to bathe the dogs. We even had a photographer! Pablo has started working in Warner Robins and we get to see him often! We went from seeing him about once a year to once a week - which is great!

We should be back to our regular programing after this short blogging break...

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