Saturday, January 20, 2018

Out of Hybernation

It has been ridiculously cold. In fact, it was so cold a couple of weeks or so ago that I didn't leave the house for five days. FIVE DAYS. The highs were in the mid 20's. There is a reason why we stick to living in the South, and this type of weather is not one of them.

Today finally the weather warmed up a bit, an although it did get much warmer than what would have sufficed, we enjoyed it! We got to go outside and do warmer-weather things. Norm pressure washed the fence so it can get sealed.
Again, just like when we lived in Atlanta, we didn’t seal the fence at the recommended time after installation, so now we have to pressure wash it so we don’t seal all the discoloration in.

And I planted bulbs that I got at work! Although, by the book, bulbs are supposed to get planted in late Fall. However, the horticulturist at work said to go ahead and plant them now and they will still bloom in the Spring. And as we all know, experience tends to go a whole lot further than the book (most of the time).

Hopefully here in a few weeks we will see pretty flowers like this:
Capetown - planted in the backyard planters

Sunlover - planted in the front platers
And if we don’t, my total investment of $6 will not break the bank. 

To be continued....... 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Same Baby, Same Pope

I tried blogging from my phone, but that didn't work. So we are back to the computer, so we are back to the mercy of me remembering whatever I wanted to blog come nightfall.

Pope Francis is visiting Peru right now! And we are getting to see it live on TV! Today Benji stayed home from school due to the flu (more on that later). So he was my buddy as we watched the Pope arrive to Puerto Maldonado in the rainforest of the country.

Coincidentally, here is he in September 2015, when he and I watched the Pope's visit to the US. 

Same stroller too! Not same house though...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Learning to Thread

Benjamin is learning how to thread things at school. So we have been finding him threading just about anything he can thread, at home. Just like this:

He leaves us nice little designs on the dresser! 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Month 8

Nico’s personality has started to come through. Every time he is playing with something and he drops it, or if you take it from him (and by you, I mean Benji), he throws a fit! The minute he gets whatever it was back, he gets happy.

He is Benjamin’s number one fan. He laughs at everything Benji does and communicates with him every way possible. He loves it when Benji gets in the crib to play!

He has recently discovered his tongue, so he likes to stick it out and makes all kinds of funny faces and noises. He is for sure finding his voice, and it is not a quiet one. He likes to babble a lot and carries on little conversations. He hasn’t said an official word, although he does say “mama” when he is in distress. 

He’s been waking up at 3am more consistently lately… could it be teething? Could be a growth spurt? Who knows. All I know is that he is super fast at nursing so we are up for about 15 minutes and then everyone back to bed.

He has turned into an excellent eater! His favorite savory food is pumpkin and his favorite fruit is apple sauce with cinnamon! He also loves puffs… he can pick them up one at a time and bring them to his mouth all on his own! Benji likes sitting next to Nico to feed him puffs... one at a time...

Although he is not officially crawling, he does get around by rolling. Just yesterday he was lifting up his little booty and scooting his knees, so it won’t be long before he starts chasing after everyone. 

Nico is such an easy-going baby. We had several folks over at the house for Christmas and he was happy as ever being passed from one person to the next. He gets super serious at first, but then starts handing out smiles and giggles to all! Just like in this picture!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Testing Boundaries That Melt Hearts

Benjamin is in that stage where he is constantly testing boundaries. All day every day. For the most part we have firm boundaries and he knows them, or quickly reacts when we remind him that he has crossed them. Bedtime, however, is a completely different ball game.

We have allowed bedtime to drag on. Maybe because it is the end of the day and we are tired and willing to do whatever it takes to make bedtime happen at a reasonable pace, at a reasonable hour and without meltdowns. We try to keep boundaries through bedtime but we are just not successful, therefore the 32lbs little person has control of about 75% of the process.

Bedtime involves things like "I need to pee" "I need water" "I need water from special cup" "I hot" "stand at my door" "scratch my back" "I need to poop" "I no want socks" "my pull up-hurts" "turn my light on"...

Last week Norm went back to work nights, which means that I am on my own to feed two children (and myself), do bedtime, finish work, clean up the kitchen and try to catch up in whatever needs catching up (which is a whole lot lately). Therefore, I cannot allow Benjamin's bedtime to be a 2 hour process.

Tonight, we did our regular routine: brush teeth, pee, bath, read a story (which was the toy store Christmas catalog...), say prayers and good night kisses. I left his room and it started:

B: "Stand at my door"
F: "Benjamin, I am not going to stand at your door. I am going to be in the other room. It's time to go to sleep"
I put him back in bed and step away. 

He gets up:
B: "I need water"
I get him the cup that's on his night stand 
B: "I need water in special cup"
F with a firm tone of voice: "This is the water we have up here, so if you want water, you can drink from this one"
I briskly put him back in bed, kiss him and step away. 

He gets up:
B: "I need water in special cup"
Without saying a word, I grab his hand, take him to his bed. Almost like a robot. Give him the same cup from before. Put him in his bed, kiss him and step away.

He gets up:
B: "Mami, come stand at my door"
I don't say a word. And in my robot fashion again, I grab him by the hand, walk him to his bed, lay him down, kiss him and walk away. 

He gets up:
I see him in the monitor so I get up to meet him determined to keep putting him back in the bed with little to no interaction until the point is proven.
I get to his room and he slowly comes to me:
B: "I sorry Mami"
F: speechless................... I get down to look him in the eye and say "what did you say?"
B: "I SORRY Mami!"

Then my heart pretty much melted.

We had a brief chat about listening to parents and going to bed and staying in bed when it is nighttime. He said okay, walked back to his bed, I gave him a kiss and stepped away. About 10 minutes later, he was out:

Quick reminder that toddlers are not evil and that they do have a good heart. I say that now... we will see how bedtime goes tomorrow night ...  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Month 7

Crazy. We are at seven months already! This poor little fellow has been dealing with bronchiolitis for a little while now, which involves coughing and congestion. So his standards are to have his mattress inclined at about 45 degrees, the cool mist humidifier on while he sleeps and Vick's on his chest and feet over night. Earlier in the month he had not 1 but 2 ear infections back to back. So that put a delay in starting solid foods (which are actually far from solid in texture and consistency). We seem to have gotten the hang of eating though. Basically as long as what he is eating is mixed with vanilla yogurt, we are good. So far he's had sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and green beans. He loves green beans! For fruit he loves pears!

He is quite vocal... he makes all kinds of noises and carries on conversations. He loves making his big brother laugh! He loves to pull hair as well as anything else that's in hand's reach - which seems to be pretty much everything.

We got him a bouncer from a neighbor - he loves getting in there and jumping up and down, pressing all the buttons and chewing on all the surfaces.

We are still going to music class on Thursdays and he loves that too! His face lights up and he flashes that contagious smile the second he hears the music class songs!

He is sleeping in his bed at all times now and he loves it when his big brother comes and plays in the crib with him.

Overall Nico is a happy baby, he loves to smile when he makes eye contact with people. Although, when he is not smiling, he keeps a super super super serious face.

He hasn't gotten to crawling yet, but he's not far from it!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Entry Way

This is what I envisioned our entry way to look like:

This is what it actually looks like:

At least we have a pretty and custom cushion... and a custom bench that we inherited from the Gwinnett house that Norm painted and made pretty! 

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

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Family Picture 2015

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Christmas Picture 2011

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Family Picture 2009
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