Saturday, February 24, 2018

Water Day

Well, it is February 24 and we are having a "water day" - term taken from Benji's school. In the summertime they have "water day" every other week when kids wear their bathing suits and they go outside and play with water.

As soon as we got back from running errands this morning (approximately 10:30am), Benji was ready to put on his bathing suit and his "sunscream". He wanted everyone to put on their bathing suits and sunscream. He even got Nico's susncream out and put some on his brother.

It is fun watching him grow and seeing what traits he gets from either Norm or I. Loving the hot weather and being barefoot is hands down a trait that comes from me. I love finally having someone else in the house who wants to be outside in the heat 24/7 (or as close to that as possible!).

So he got ready and we went outside!

All the summer toys are still up in the attic, so we had to go old school (or third world) and just play with the hose...

Nico made it outside too - he was loving it!

When he got antsy in the stroller, we put him down on the grass - or whatever it is at the moment.. the thatch?

From living in the South pretty much my whole life, I know that this warm weather is just a tease. But we'll take it as long as we'll get it!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Things He Says: 32

I've lost count of whatever number post this is. But nonetheless, here it is.

The other day over breakfast:
Fern: Benji your birthday is coming up!
Benji: AGAIN?!?!?!
Fern: Yes!!
Benji: and my friends are coming over for a party????????!!!!!
Fern: Yes! Who are we going to invite?
Benji: Yaya, Lulu, Michelle...
Fern: What about your friends from school?
Benji pauses while he thinks (he does this thing now that he rolls his eyes up to the ceiling)
Benji: Let's invite Boy Soandso (for privacy purposes, I am not posting the boy's name)
Fern: Okay!
Benji pauses
Benji: and his mommy too!
Fern: Yes, I'm sure his mommy will come too
Benji makes a silly grin...
Benji: His mommy is handsome!!


And there you have it friends, he's not even three years old and he is already telling me his friend's mom is handsome.....................

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We Met Our Friends

I am quite late posting about this, but welcome to life. I'd rather post late than not post it at all and then I get a new phone or the computer crashes and all the memories are shot (that's dramatic, but yes, it could and has happened).

At the beginning of January we got to meet our friends Nicky and Amir for our annual gathering. Usually it happens at Christmas but at Christmas they were all sick with the head cold so they couldn't fly. So it just got delayed by a couple of weeks.

Nicky and I grew up together and are sistahs. If you know the story, great! If you don't, I will have to tell it in person because I cannot put it in writing. Then we met our significant others and they passed the sistah approval, so now we have brothas in law. And our little ones are becoming friends too, even if they see one another in person once a year. Thankfully because of our friendship (and FaceTime) we are able to keep their almost 3 year old friendship going.

Last year we were both expecting and this year we both welcomed healthy babies. Nicky still looks like a giant next to me. Sistah, why you so tall?

 These toddlers are so goofy! It is so fun to sit and watch them play together. They are a great pair!

More fun stuff:

Ideally we would live in the same town or in the next one over like when we were growing up. Our kids would have sleep overs, attend the same school, support one another in whatever hobbies they had and create a thousand million memories. However, we live over 1,500 miles and two time zones apart which makes the raising of a new generation of little friends challenging, but not impossible. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Month 9

Three quarters of a year already that we have been a family of four thanks to this guy. He has gotten to be so active. He is not crawling with his belly off the floor yet, he is following Benji's foot steps with the army crawl/scoot. But that doesn’t keep him from getting around and finding all the door stoppers as well as all the cables/cords.

Taking off his socks is his favorite pastime. He even complains when he tries to pull them and they won’t come off! At his check up the doctor said that he has sweaty feet, so here in a few months (hopefully) he will join Benji and I in the barefoot club!

He loves his big brother so much, he loves watching Benji either run or drive his car around the kitchen and just busts out laughing whenever he seems him. When they both play on the floor, Nico likes to crawl up to him and climb on him. The other day he pulled Benji’s hair and that hurt… poor big brother!

He has such fun in his music class. He laughs and dances and shakes his feet and arms (all at once!). He is becoming very vocal, he does quite a fine job at getting people's attention.

Thankfully his appetite is still a good one! We have been introducing more finger foods, which he doesn't seem to be a fan of. He is big on texture and likes crunchy things like puffs, toast and freeze dried fruit (Asian Pears to be exact). But he will eat avocado and sweet potato if you feed it to him.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Out of Hybernation

It has been ridiculously cold. In fact, it was so cold a couple of weeks or so ago that I didn't leave the house for five days. FIVE DAYS. The highs were in the mid 20's. There is a reason why we stick to living in the South, and this type of weather is not one of them.

Today finally the weather warmed up a bit, an although it did get much warmer than what would have sufficed, we enjoyed it! We got to go outside and do warmer-weather things. Norm pressure washed the fence so it can get sealed.
Again, just like when we lived in Atlanta, we didn’t seal the fence at the recommended time after installation, so now we have to pressure wash it so we don’t seal all the discoloration in.

And I planted bulbs that I got at work! Although, by the book, bulbs are supposed to get planted in late Fall. However, the horticulturist at work said to go ahead and plant them now and they will still bloom in the Spring. And as we all know, experience tends to go a whole lot further than the book (most of the time).

Hopefully here in a few weeks we will see pretty flowers like this:
Capetown - planted in the backyard planters

Sunlover - planted in the front platers
And if we don’t, my total investment of $6 will not break the bank. 

To be continued....... 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Same Baby, Same Pope

I tried blogging from my phone, but that didn't work. So we are back to the computer, so we are back to the mercy of me remembering whatever I wanted to blog come nightfall.

Pope Francis is visiting Peru right now! And we are getting to see it live on TV! Today Benji stayed home from school due to the flu (more on that later). So he was my buddy as we watched the Pope arrive to Puerto Maldonado in the rainforest of the country.

Coincidentally, here is he in September 2015, when he and I watched the Pope's visit to the US. 

Same stroller too! Not same house though...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Learning to Thread

Benjamin is learning how to thread things at school. So we have been finding him threading just about anything he can thread, at home. Just like this:

He leaves us nice little designs on the dresser! 

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2015

Family Picture 2015

Christmas Picture 2011

Christmas Picture 2011

Family Picture 2009

Family Picture 2009
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