Monday, March 12, 2018

Problem Solving Skills

Is 10.5 months too young to develop and exhibit problem solving skills? Most would say "no". I say "think again".

This morning I was working at the computer and No Nap Nico was moving about the office. I could certainly hear him and would check him out out of the corner of my eye to make sure he wasn't eating the computer cords or had managed to open the cabinet door and crawled inside it.

At one point, I noticed him standing up, trying to get a hold of the coaster that sits on the side table:

I turned back around and kept working as he was entertained. A little bit later I turn again and saw this:

Yes, he had managed to pull the basket from inside the table, turned it upside down and had gotten a hold of the coaster. Finally he could file those three new teeth on that stone coaster!

So there you have it. Call it problem solving skills, call it coincidence. But this child stood up on the basket to achieve his goal. Kudos to you No Nap Nico!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bye Bye Hair

Benji got his first hair cut after he turned one year. Complete story here.

Nico barely to 10 months before something had to be done about both his comb-over and his mullet.

Just like Stride Rite, there is no hair salons specifically dedicated to children around here like there are in Atlanta. However, we have found a hair dresser (that actually lives in our neighborhood) and she has been cutting Benji's hair (and mine). The other day, when I had had enough of Nico's disheveled look, I texted her asking her what's the youngest age she'll take. She said "any age".

So today we had his first hair cut and it was a family affair! It is so awesome to just be able to call on family the night before and say "hey, you want to come?" and they say "yes!" and it's that simple.

Before starting:

Then it started:

He did awesome with the electric clippers... something Benji can't stand! Benji said that next time he will sit still for them... Jaime asked for it in writing... ha!

At one point he grabbed the water spray bottle out of Jaime's apron... hey, whatever it takes!

Happy Baby!

Not the best family picture ever...

However, if you zoom in, you see this (and they are borderline identical... the mouth, the cheeks, the nose, the shape of the head):

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Shoe Time

Finally we got around to going to the store - mainly because I still can't embrace online shopping - to buy Nico his first pair of shoes!

There are only a few things that I miss about living in Atlanta - one is going to the ethnic market, another one is the Stride Rite store since there's not one here in Augusta. So for Nico, we first went to Carter's to see about giving their shoes a shot.
Well that idea fell apart quickly (according to them, he should be wearing a size 4.5 due to age, however, the size of that shoe was twice the size of his foot). And the selection was non-existent.

So we went to Dillard's which apparently is the only other place you can buy baby shoes around here. There we found the nicest lady who helped us! Nico got his little feet measured and they were tiny!

We picked out this pair of shoes, which was the smallest size they make and he started getting around right away:

 Happy baby with sales lady:

He got to wear his shoes home and he was so exhausted!

Besides his "everyday shoes" size tiny, we also got him a pair of cute little summer sandals! They are one size larger (because that's what was on clearance...)

Next up this week, is his first haircut! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Month 10

Two more months of our monthly posts! Enjoy them while you have them!

This past month, Nico has just become so mobile and vocal. He crawls everywhere and climbs on everything. He is super strong, so he holds on to dear life once he gets himself in weird situations regarding mobility. He is also very vocal - he has a way of calling for people. You'll be minding your own business and so will he. Next time you know, you hear him making this grunting noise. So you go to look at him, and the minute he makes eye contact with you, he stops and smiles. He has also started saying what sounds like "oh no".

He loves when his shirt comes off. And he hates it when the shirt goes back on. The first thing he does when his shirt comes off, is scratch his belly (just like my dad used to do!)

Because of his newfound mobility, we are having a difficult time with napping. He manages to get himself up on his crib and, because he hasn't learned how to get back down, just stands there and cries until he is rescued. This happens at every single nap, every single day. Bedtime though, he does bedtime like a champ! Dinner, bath, pajamas, nursing, prayers, lights out. And off he goes into baby dreamland until about 6:00am the following morning.

We are still going to music class weekly and he loves it! His favorite is when the teacher brings out the big drum!

He is his brother's #1 fan. When he sees Benji after a while (like in the morning after sleeping or in the afternoon after school), Nico gets so happy! He starts making noises and laughing and moving all extremities in all directions.

Thankfully he is still a great little eater, although we did give him cauliflower the other day and that didn't settle well with his belly. So we have taken a break. He, of course, loves cheerios and all the carbs - including rice!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Water Day

Well, it is February 24 and we are having a "water day" - term taken from Benji's school. In the summertime they have "water day" every other week when kids wear their bathing suits and they go outside and play with water.

As soon as we got back from running errands this morning (approximately 10:30am), Benji was ready to put on his bathing suit and his "sunscream". He wanted everyone to put on their bathing suits and sunscream. He even got Nico's susncream out and put some on his brother.

It is fun watching him grow and seeing what traits he gets from either Norm or I. Loving the hot weather and being barefoot is hands down a trait that comes from me. I love finally having someone else in the house who wants to be outside in the heat 24/7 (or as close to that as possible!).

So he got ready and we went outside!

All the summer toys are still up in the attic, so we had to go old school (or third world) and just play with the hose...

Nico made it outside too - he was loving it!

When he got antsy in the stroller, we put him down on the grass - or whatever it is at the moment.. the thatch?

From living in the South pretty much my whole life, I know that this warm weather is just a tease. But we'll take it as long as we'll get it!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Things He Says: 32

I've lost count of whatever number post this is. But nonetheless, here it is.

The other day over breakfast:
Fern: Benji your birthday is coming up!
Benji: AGAIN?!?!?!
Fern: Yes!!
Benji: and my friends are coming over for a party????????!!!!!
Fern: Yes! Who are we going to invite?
Benji: Yaya, Lulu, Michelle...
Fern: What about your friends from school?
Benji pauses while he thinks (he does this thing now that he rolls his eyes up to the ceiling)
Benji: Let's invite Boy Soandso (for privacy purposes, I am not posting the boy's name)
Fern: Okay!
Benji pauses
Benji: and his mommy too!
Fern: Yes, I'm sure his mommy will come too
Benji makes a silly grin...
Benji: His mommy is handsome!!


And there you have it friends, he's not even three years old and he is already telling me his friend's mom is handsome.....................

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We Met Our Friends

I am quite late posting about this, but welcome to life. I'd rather post late than not post it at all and then I get a new phone or the computer crashes and all the memories are shot (that's dramatic, but yes, it could and has happened).

At the beginning of January we got to meet our friends Nicky and Amir for our annual gathering. Usually it happens at Christmas but at Christmas they were all sick with the head cold so they couldn't fly. So it just got delayed by a couple of weeks.

Nicky and I grew up together and are sistahs. If you know the story, great! If you don't, I will have to tell it in person because I cannot put it in writing. Then we met our significant others and they passed the sistah approval, so now we have brothas in law. And our little ones are becoming friends too, even if they see one another in person once a year. Thankfully because of our friendship (and FaceTime) we are able to keep their almost 3 year old friendship going.

Last year we were both expecting and this year we both welcomed healthy babies. Nicky still looks like a giant next to me. Sistah, why you so tall?

 These toddlers are so goofy! It is so fun to sit and watch them play together. They are a great pair!

More fun stuff:

Ideally we would live in the same town or in the next one over like when we were growing up. Our kids would have sleep overs, attend the same school, support one another in whatever hobbies they had and create a thousand million memories. However, we live over 1,500 miles and two time zones apart which makes the raising of a new generation of little friends challenging, but not impossible. 

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Family Picture 2016

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Christmas Picture 2011

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Family Picture 2009
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