Friday, May 25, 2012


Today Norm and I were both off! We thought for a moment about going to Six Flags but then decided to spend our Fraturday hanging out around the area!

We started off by visiting Perry:

From there we headed to downtown Macon (we had to pick up something from work, so we figured we would hang out!). We toured the Hay House - which was absolutely beautiful! Pictures inside were not allowed, so this is the only one we got. That's Carrara Marble you are seeing...

Then we parked on Mulberry - closer to downtown - and walked around!

We walked all the way down to Terminal Station. The actual old building was renovated back in 2010 so now it's used for events and such.

We found the phone booths, so Norm made a call...

While I sat and waited on the super awesome, old and traditional train terminal benches:

We walked our way back to the car on Poplar Street (which the majority of it has be renovated and the old buildings are now waiting for businesses to come in). We stopped by the Blacksmith Shop which is an absolutely beautiful classy old rustic venue. They were getting ready to host an event, so we walked through it and left quickly (as the guests were arriving).

Pretty building home to the Macon Health Club:

We were tourists in our own town and we had an awesome day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Travel World Gone Virtual

Earlier today I found the Fly Delta app and immediately downloaded it (I've had this phone over a year and I'm still intrigued by all the apps out there). I logged in and it brought up our upcoming flights for tomorrow to go to Nicky's wedding.

Later on in the evening, I got a notification from the app telling me it was time to check in.

Feeling adventurous, I went ahead and checked us in... from my phone. So now we have virtual boarding passes!! Tomorrow I'll just have to show my virtual boarding pass at check-in counter when I drop my bag, then I show my phone again at security where they will scan the bar code and then again before boarding where they'll scan it again.

I know some of you out there who travel more than me and are more "up to date" on all these apps probably think this is "soooo 4 years ago" but to me this is amazing. I remember in college (not even 10 years ago) we were taught how to fill out a paper ticket in travel class... then came electronic tickets you could print from home... after that came checking-in from home and printing your boarding pass before heading to the airport... today, not only do we no longer need a ticket, we no longer need a boarding pass.

All I need to worry about is making sure my phone stays charged (which sometimes can be a bigger headache than keeping up with the paper ticket, the boarding pass and the valid form of ID).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Want the Pit?

Yesterday I had a mango. As I peeled it and ate it, I would feed bits and pieces to Pellet and Cali. At the end of the mango, of course, was the pit. Since they had enjoyed the mango so much, I figured I would hold the pit and have Pellet lick it and eat the rest of the mango that I couldn't get off of it. In retrospect, this was quite a dumb move, because in a blink of an eye Pellet managed to grab the mango pit with his teeth, pull it off my hand and secure it in his mouth.

Freaking out and thinking that he was going to swallow the pit and choke and die, I called Norm over and the both of us tried to open Pellet's mouth to get the pit out. We were unsuccessful and Pellet swallowed the pit, just like that. He did not choke and he did not die. Instead, he threw it up earlier this afternoon.

Pellet is now pit-free again!

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