Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Almost Comical

Today I had to go to my local Super Center to pick up an online order that was shipped to store. I got there with my piece of paper in hand and went to the Customer Service desk (because this is the first time I've gone through this process and didn't know where else to go, the instructions on my piece of paper where not quite clear either). I get there and there is one person applying and one staff person behind the counter. As the staff person is typing things in the computer, she keeps glancing up at me. I smile a couple of times and then I get tired of the lack of acknowledgment. I ask casually:

Fern: Excuse me, is this where I need to be to pick up an order that was shipped to the store from online?
Staff [in Eatonton accent]: na, that in back of sto
Fern: Ok! Where about?
Staff: in back of sto!
Fern: sure, but to the left, or to the right, the back of the store is big.
Staff: strai ba!

So I go straight back and find the "Site to Store" counter - which was employee-less. So I walk a little into the back area and find a manager-looking person and I ask for help. He says nods and walks away. Confused and with no-one out to help me, I chase him back to Electronics.

Fern: Excuse me sir, is someone coming out to help me?
Manager-looking person: yes

I go back to the counter area and wait. A friendly and happy girl comes to help me. I smile back at her and try to get the two previous experiences not affect my interactions.

Happy girl: wha name on order
Fern: Fernanda Aldredge (spelled out)
Happy girl: tha not pullin
I give her the second name (spelled out)
Happy girl: tha not pullin nothin eithe
I give her the third possible name (spelled out)
Happy girl: no su why tha not pullin up
Fern: how about trying pulling it up by the order number?
Happy girl: ahight, that work!

She goes and gets a helper to assist with the retrieval of the boxes (which are a 42" and a 32" televisions). They get them out, I sign the paper and happy girl asks.

Happy girl: you go this or yo need help taken them to yo ca
Fern [after a several second pause, in a calm and collected voice I reply]: I am going to need help getting them to my car. Thanks.
Happy girl: calls for a 99 with a cart

Finally the 99s get the huge boxes into my car, I drive away and on my way home I pass the "Western Motel" that is advertising "Truck Parkin and Rooms with Interent"

I love this town.

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Michelle said...

What I really find comical is that YOU get the dysfunctional customer service experiences, considering you are all into customer service at work.

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