Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Not the Big Scary One

Nope, he is quite seldom the guilty one. It's the sweet smaller one that's the troublemaker.

The neighbors have chickens. They have had chickens since we've moved in. The chickens "don't go near your fence" and the chickens "can't jump the fence". Well, Cali proved those stories wrong and tonight, the neighbors have one less chicken. I think they are okay with it though.

Get home. Let dogs out. Bring dogs in. Feed them. Let dogs back out.
Start cooking, leave kitchen door open.
I hear noise, think it's wind.
I realize it's not wind. It's chicken noise.

Go outside, Pellet is by the fence, prancing around, I call him and he comes to me.
Can't find Cali.
Then I find Cali, she's behind a tree, laying in the ivy, hugging what appeared to be a dead chicken.

It's dusk, so I can't see very well, not to mention I was on the phone and lost my complete ability to multitask. So I had to hang up the phone, run inside and bring the big flashlight.

Yes, she is laying with a dead black chicken. And Pellet? He's prancing around a live chicken.

So, quickly due to the urgency of the second chicken being attacked (and me watching it) and due to the urgency that I was not appropriately dressed for 30 degree weather, I called Pellet over and he came to me. Since he had no collars on, I pretty much had to bear hug him and walk him all the way across the yard, up the steps, through the patio and in the house. And move the pan from the stove, so I wouldn't burn the onions that were caramelizing.

Then, I came back to get Cali. Yeah right. That stubborn dog was not moving, not a single twitch to all the key words:
In the House!
Cali, let's go!
Cali, come!
At least I was keeping her from EATING the chicken. Although I am pretty sure she had the chicken's foot in her mouth at one point. Yes, gross.
Finally I got smart and grabbed the leash and then she came to me. Since she too had no collars on, I had to bear hug her just like Pellet. But it was so much harder with her because 1. she is shorter than Pellet and 2. she squirms, unlike Pellet.

Norm got home and we called the neighbor to let her know that one chicken was found dead.... we offered to buy (the daughter) a baby chicken. The neighbor denied the offer and actually came across as relieved that she had one less chicken to deal with. She actually told us that a couple of weeks ago, another chicken jumped the fence opposite from us, and those neighbor's dogs ate it. So, no big deal. Life goes on.

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