Friday, December 27, 2013

Ultimate Birthday Dinner Surprise

One of Norm's favorite restaurants is Abattoir, however, he had never been there for dinner. I know, it's weird, just go with it. So for his birthday this year, we celebrated the Sunday prior with Eric and Kerrie and on Birthday Day, we were going to play it low key. I told him we had dinner reservations at 8pm, but didn't tell him where. So to carry on the surprise factor, I blind folded him on the way to the restaurant. Because the restaurant is pretty much all by itself in a certain part of town, so he would've figured out where we were headed right away.

I just absolutely adore this picture. He is like a little kid in a toy store! He was reading over the menu again and again - couldn't figure it out! Everything looked amazing.

So we started with spicy hotdogs - and chicken liver toast with onion jelly, but the picture didn't come out -
Spicy dogs, apple cheese relish

Then Chef sent this hamachi with grapefruit slices out... another amazingness.
Hamachi crudo, grapefruit, lemon, peppercress

Check out that face, if he were a cartoon, his mouth would be watering.

 "Get on my fork, I am going to eat you"

Then we had our entrees
Duck meatballs with apples
Wagyu beef with pears and grapes
 Because all that wasn't enough and neither was the Chocolate Chess Pie we ordered or the Torta de Santiago chef sent out, he got a birthday cupcake!

 Can we say "stuffed"?

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Birthday dinner surprise! I just loved this party food. It must be great in taste. At some domestic Seattle venues we also attended a fun bridal dinner on last weekend. It was also a fabulous Mexican themed dinner and everyone had just brilliant time in this funky party.

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