Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Called Him Chunk

About four days ago, this dog showed up behind our fence and drove our dogs crazy. We peeked over the fence and noticed he had no collar, he did have tied around his neck which appeared to be a shoelace. He soon wondered off to the neighbor's house and we didn't think anything of it.

Yesterday he showed up again up behind our house and again he drove our dogs crazy. He did not bark, he just ran back and forth on one side of the fence and Pellet ran along with him on our side of the fence and Crazy Cal chased Pellet.

Today he showed up AGAIN. So we decided to go around the fence and figure out what was going on.
He didn't want water. He didn't want food. He just wanted to play! He was so sweet and well trained. He knew sit and down and rollover (my dogs know half of those tricks).

This time he didn't have a shoelace tied around his neck. Instead, he had this:
Yup - electrical wire that he had managed to chew through. What do we do. What do we do. I always get scared of calling animal control (because I have this idea in my head that all they do is pick up dogs and kill them). So I called what appeared to be a private animal rescue in the area.

The lady answered the phone and told me unfortunately she couldn't come pick him up because her shelter was full with something crazy like 65 dogs. So she asked if I lived in the county or in the city. I told her I wasn't sure. She told me to find out because if I lived in the city, animal control would come pick him up and take him to the shelter where he would get picked up by a private organization like hers after the five day holding period but that if I lived in the county and called the deputy out, they would come and shoot him right on the spot leaving the dog for me to bury.....

As I saw Norm playing with him in the yard, my heart broke because obviously this dog is well behaved, loves people and just needs a loving family to take care of him (and not tie him up with electrical wire).

So I followed her suggestion and called the non-emergency number and lo and behold, we are in the city! BUT, animal control was closed for the day. So I explained to the lady on the phone about the electrical wire and the chewing threw it and she said in her deeeeeeep southern twang:

"Well, oh my! that ain't right ma'am, that just ain't right! I'm gonna send patrol out to your house to see what can be done about it"

Shortly after patrol showed up, called the dog over and with wagging tail and all he quickly jumped in the back seat. The officer was familiar with the owner (who apparently is in jail) and confirmed that he was going to take him to the shelter and keep him safe.

I called him Chunk:


Nora said...

Pobrecito Chunk, ojala encuentre una casa donde lo cuiden. Asi vino el otro dia una familia y me toco la puerta, yo estaba en fachas, pero abri pues era una familia, con un perrito blanco con un leash, que estaba perdido, a ver si sabia quien tiene perro por aca, asi que los mande donde la vecina, pero no se el final de la historia. Ya me imagino a Pellet y a Cali ladrando!!!!

Madeleine said...

oooooh my goodness - i have such a soft spot for pits, and this one almost made me cry! i hope they dont put him to sleep - have you put your name down as a last resort? poor little pup! he seems like such a sweetie!


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