Sunday, April 29, 2012

Air Show

Today Norm and I both had the day off and believe it or not we found something fun to do! This weekend was the Robins Air Force Base Air Show 2012. So we drove down the street (literally) and enjoyed a show for free!

The pilot of this airplane was a woman! Here she is upside down:

Here she is "in action":

There were parachutes!

This is the FA22 Raptor. This plane is the state of the art in military aviation. It is impossible to explain all the crazy things it did (one of them being sliding, also known as flying backwards... yea...):

Here it is "in action":

This was a "Heritage Flight" which consisted of the crazy Raptor and P51 Mustang, which is the [current] oldest technology when it comes to combat airplanes:

This school bus has a jet engine:

And it raced one of the airplanes... who won? See for yourself!

It was quite hot and due to the nature of fact that we were at an Air Force base, there was not a single tree to catch some shade up under. So we had to find whatever (all the shade created by the stationary airplanes was already taken by the people that got there before us...). So this is were we ate lunch (in a little alley way between a trailer and some tents):

Here's Norm checking out the show:

This is little me in a carrier plane:

Then it was time for the long awaited Blue Angels. Here they are in formation before getting in the airplanes:

Last pilot to go:

Upside down!

Upside down again!

Last but not least, video of the Blue Angels:

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Michelle said...

Cool beans! So much discipline involved. It's amazing.

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