Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Garage

I remember growing up my mom had this thing about the garage that she always wanted it to be clean and in order. Although I never saw the point of it growing up, I find myself cleaning my garage now (yes, because I actually take time to organize and clean the garage). As a matter of fact my mom is about the only person that notices, and actually comments "wow, your garage looks so nice!" One of her most common phrases when it comes to garage cleanliness is "you should always shut the garage door right away to keep bugs, dirt, leaves, etc. away"

So I just spent the last two hours cleaning one half of the garage. I consolidated boxes, swept, put items back where they belong (like the ladder on the ladder hook, which actually fell off the wall, but at now least the ladder is over by where it belongs). Then I started coming across items to be donated and found lots! I also came across items that should be donated, but won't, like:

The white plastic trash can:

I can't get rid of it... I never know when I'll need a white plastic trash can.

The Christmas tin cans:

They come in so handy to put cookies in (because we keep cookies in the house 24/7... NOT)

The Igloo coolers:

That haven't been used since 1993 when we used to go out on the lake when we lived in Augusta. But they are so handy, can't get rid of them.

Now these following items are just plain trash that should be thrown out, but we all know that the minute we throw them out, we get stuck in a situation that goes something like this:

I really need a _______. (shoe box, big box, etc.)
I know! I have some in the garage (as you walk out to the garage to get the item needed)
Oh no! I threw them away two days ago!!! I had forgotten...
Now you are stuck looking for the exact box that you once had and now need.

Or glass jars... they always come in handy for old grease, diluting things, etc. (but do we really need this many of all shapes and sizes?).

Although I sometimes wish I had no space to store items such as the above and I would have to force myself to donate them or throw them away (right away), I truly am thankful for my garage (especially during the cold winter when I don't have to worry about defrosting my car and for whenever we get those random hail storms in March).


Anonymous said...

Fernanda: You made me laugh and I had not noticed before about this thing I have about keeping the garage tidy and clean. I didn't know you had it in mind so clearly. I truly tell you that it feels us so comforted to have nice and organized garaje!!!!

Tad and Kris said...

I love this favorite is the teal retro

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