Monday, December 21, 2009

Walk Through Bethlehem

This weekend the whole family went to Warner Robins to Walk Through Bethlehem. We met up with Pablo and the six of us walked back in time. The "show" is hosted by a Baptist Church in Warner Robins, they have been doing this for 13 years!

The whole thing revolves around Jesus' birth - you go out with a guide (who is a shepherd) in a group of about 25 people and the shepherd takes you through Bethlehem, have to fill out the census card (the key way for the church to get more parishioners) and pay the tax to the Roman soldiers. Then our guide took us through the market at Bethlehem...

Spice vendors

A cart with junk

All the props are real

Bread makers (check out the little boy)

Carpenter making crosses

More real props

Candle Makers

The priests at the Temple

There were real animals, including camels

We were visiting the shepherds and the angel appeared to announce the birth of Jesus

We came around the corner and saw Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus - he was a real baby!

All of this - free. Absolutely free.

To all the Georgians out there - I highly recommend checking this out.

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