Monday, June 19, 2017

A Whole Weekend

This year we celebrated Father's Day the whole weekend! I still can't get used to the idea that we can celebrate things like holidays and weekends together as a family! It is so awesome! 

So we started by taking selfies early on Saturday morning. Even Nico is in this picture lifting his little head up!

Then we headed over to Trenton, SC for the Peach Festival. It was so fun! And so hot...

 We got front row seats to watch the parade. After the initial scare once he saw the soldiers and heard the marching band, Benjamin really got to enjoy the parade!

He waved at all of the cars, tractors, fire trucks, motorcycles...

Afterwards we got to take a close look at the tractors!

"Front loader too"

"Red tractor Pepe picture too!"

We were home by 1:30pm - exhausted. We just hang out at the house, relaxed, spent time outside and enjoyed each other!

Sunday morning we went to Mass and came back to take pictures on our front porch! We are so lucky to claim Daddy Norm for our family. He works so hard to make sure that we have the best possible and is so patient to deal with not only me but crazy Pepe and now Nico (still to early to tell if he is going to be crazy too... there is a high chance he will though).

Benji loves selfies...

We spent the afternoon in "Pepe Pool" - we have an awesome pool in the neighborhood but it's more convenient to play in "Pepe Pool" mainly because of the little one...

Kisses for Daddy Norm!

Then Norm cooked a cowboy steak that he had keeping an eye on for about 2 months....


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