Friday, April 7, 2017

Self Starter

Because Norm working 15+ hour days this week due to Masters Week here in Augusta and me being 3 weeks away from giving birth, and dealing with crazy brides at work is apparently not enough, Benjamin decided to take on potty training this week.

We had attempted potty training a few weeks back - his initiative. But we didn't get far, so we went back to full time diapers. This week, however, we are apparently serious about it - good thing because our diaper supply got extremely low for a day or two.

Looking into the situation, this is a rough week for all of us, but it really is the best week for potty training because Benjamin has no school and we have pretty much been in the house since last Saturday due to #1 traffic in the city and #2 the fact that managing a toddler in public is pretty much impossible for me at this point in pregnancy. I can do it and will do it, but I will avoid it if I can.

We sort of dove head first into this potty training thing, didn't get to do much reading or research about it (oh no! how are we ever going to make it without reading all the articles and posts on the internet so we know what we are getting ourselves into?). The thing is that Benjamin took the initiative pretty much over night so we just had to run with it. It is so amazing how he is so little and his self-starter, determined, personality already shows.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to his little voice in the monitor:
"pish pish.... bed - pish pish.... bed"
I quickly got up and went in his room to say good morning and see what was happening. The conversation went like this:
F: "Benji do you have to pish pish?"
B: "Yes, mami"
F: "okay, let's go!" as I pick him up from the crib
B: "Mami run! pish pish! Mami run!"

Thankfully we made it to the toilet and he went big pish pish. We sing the pish pish song - which is the Jeopardy tune but instead we say "pish pish pish pish, pish pish pishhhhhhhh, pish pish pish pish pishhhhhhhh pish pish pish pish...." and then do the happy pish pish dance once he's gone.

He doesn't care for any kind of typical reward (candy, sticker, etc), his reward is getting to flush the pish pish down the toilet and rinsing off the little bucket.

The first day we went through about 4 pairs of pants. Today we had no accidents, we even survived at a birthday party with no diaper and going pish pish in another bathroom besides our own.

So proud of this little guy for taking the initiative to get diapers out of the picture (and save us some money) and he is not even 2 years old yet! Not the best of timing, but then again, when is it ever a good time to teach a toddler how to pee in the toilet? I don't think there is one, just have to take what you get and keep it moving.

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