Monday, July 25, 2016

Rest Well, Pellet

Rest Well, Mello Pello,

How did you get so old so quick? In the blink of our eyes you became an old man and started having such a hard time with life over all. You were so exhausted, your energy was drained.

What are we going to do without you around? 

Who will Baby get to pet and feed treats to? 

Who will set Cali straight when she gets crazy? Who will keep her from going crazy while we are gone to work?

Who will warn us when there's thunder in the horizon? 

Who will lay next to us when we are sick and not feeling well? 

Who will protect the house from bad people?  

To many you were big and scary and rowdy, but to us you were the most gentle (and stubborn) giant that loved to play fetch, tug of war, knew how to set boundaries, loved car rides, gave the best dog kisses, knew how to eat off our hands and ate anything in sight so effortlessly right off the kitchen counter and dining room table

We will miss your young spirit and sweet brown eyes. We will miss your loud scary bark that was so comforting (except when it got high pitch when you were scared).

The blog will go down to Ten Feet, but you will remain part of who we are forever. Twelve years worth of habits can't be broken over night. We will feel the void when we get home and there's only Cali jumping up to kiss us instead of the two of you. We will forever hide food in the oven and the microwave while we sit down to dinner. 

We went through so much together - we were so lucky to be your human parents.

St. Francis, pray for us and all dogs - those with us and those who rest forever. Amen

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Julie house said...

Sweet pellet, who'd bite my shoe if I tried to move his bowl, you were one of the best dogs ever. I look forward to seeing you again in heaven. Maybe, there, you won't bite a hole through my brand new shoe. Rest in peace, big guy.

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