Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Month, Another Dream, but Always BLOG!

 Geez. Another month (June) with no posts. This is what we've been up to.

We moved to Atlanta because Norm got a crazy awesome promotion to Executive Chef at this place:

Four days after that, we went on a cruise - no, Norm didn't take the picture, our tour guide Luke did. Norm didn't get to go because of work issues. His hotel was scheduled to open while we were on vacation, so he couldn't go. We've been back for two weeks now and hotel still not open. Enough of that.

After cruising for a week, we spent time in Seattle:

And Beautiful British Columbia - this is Vancouver:

My pups (and my husband) were so happy when I finally got back home! I missed them so dearly:

The Monday after being back I started work at this place and it consists of this:
My Desk
Amazing Cookie
Living in Atlanta is going to cause a problem with two main sectors of our life. 1 - Food. There are a bazillion  amazing restaurants that we need to go eat at. Like my friend Kerrie said, Groupon is going to be the best route on experiencing these places. Gotta get the deals, gotta get the deals. 2 - Entertainment. There are a bazillion concerts, shows, festivals, that take place. As a surprise, Norm bought us tickets to go see Juanes!! 

And later on in October, we won (the chance to purchase) tickets to go see Jack Johnson at the Fox - that is going to be out of this world. Can't wait.

So life goes on in the rental house (pictures to follow). Cali likes to look out the window:

 And we finally bought Pellet a ThunderShirt:

He seems to like it, the only problem is that he won't lay down when he has it on. Instead he just paces and pants around the house - which is much better than that high-pitched-freakout-bark he does when he gets anxious.

So living in Atlanta is certainly going to be an adjustment - this is a truck that I ended up next to (in traffic), they were protesting against an education group that is having a convention ALL OVER downtown (like 15,000 people.... and that's one of the smallest conventions that takes over).
My opinion: if you are going to bash education,
at least make sure you spell your stuff right
[check out the spelling - and correction -
of the word "Judgement"]
And to wrap things up (for now) - this is the sort of weather we've been having for a week and it looks like it's not going to get any better. Pretty sure we are starting to grow scales with all the water we have sitting around.

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