Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Shady Project

I think I might have mentioned at some point that the rental house has no backyard privacy. This is what the backdoor opens up to:

Having been a country girl for the past eight years, I could not handle the lack of privacy. So after a long and unsuccessful search for the perfect shades that I had in my head, I decided to make shades myself, my way (which does not involve sewing)


Adhesives (I ended up using LOTS more of the Heat n Bond):

Tension rods to hang up the shades - we can't drill on the porch structure, so we had to get creative:

I measured and cut the fabric and then glued the side seams with the invisible stitch:

Then folded it one more time and ironed it on using the seam tape:

Then did the same for the top and the bottom and glued it using the seam tape:

Leaving enough space for the tension rods to fit through:

The ends of the top and bottom hems were coming undone before the shades were even up. So I sewed it by hand to secure the edge of the seam:

Here are the before and after!

Originally all the sides were going to be covered - but it might be a little overkill... Did I do this all on my own, you might ask? Well, no! I had helpers!

And there you have it! My first official "crafty" project!

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MarieLo said...

Wow. That turned out really good!!! (or should I put "that turned out really well"?)

anyways they look good!

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