Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cone of Shame

Today Norm took Pellet to the vet for his annual check up and shots. Come to find out Pellet had an aural hematoma (in every-day terms: liquid build up in the floppy part of his ear). So the vet had to cut open the area, drain it, and stitch it back up.

Cali was so excited to have Pellet back home that she started acting a fool. Actually it was nothing out of the ordinary, but with Pellet not at 100% her foolishness was accentuated. So we ended up giving her some of the puppy Prozac (for everyone's sake but mainly for Pellet's). Poor Pellet is all drugged up too with his antibiotics, pain killers and puppy Prozac of his own...

Apparently this is a "routine" surgery... you may look at the pictures and video at your own risk... they make me sad :(

The vet gave us the cone of shame (we can't be a household of Twelve Feet and think we can get through life without the Cone of Shame). We thought we weren't going to have to use it since Pellet had not been messing with the bandage while at the vet. But we ended up having to put it on mainly because of Cal...

We took it off to feed him dinner and he flung the gauze that was underneath the bandage across the kitchen floor. Shortly there after we had blood across the kitchen floor...

We called the vet, re-bandaged (with clean gauze) the ear and put that cone right back on. There are good news: Pellet had a great appetite!

DISCLAIMER: Please disregard the nasty glass panels on the door...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You May Disagree... and That's OK

I know that with this post I am going to put myself out there and folks might think I'm crazy (Norm and Pablo already do). We all know that there is something about gardening that is relaxing and mind-freeing. However, I particularly find weed pulling to be one of the best stress relievers.

Yes, legs hurt due to squatting. Shoulder hurts from pulling. Fingers hurt from grabbing weeds. But overall, at the end of a weed pulling session I feel so liberated and relaxed.

Our backyard (and front yard) have been taken over by weeds. Yes, I spray. Yes, they come back. So like every other year, I hesitantly turn to weed pulling to end up regretting not starting the weed pulling sooner due to the benefits it provides.

Not only is the pulling of the weeds a stress reliever, you also get instant gratification by seeing the yard slowly become weed free.

Here are two piles of weeds that were pulled yesterday afternoon and this morning. This is nothing... still have lots and lots to go. Can't wait!

This one you can sort of see the pile in front of Cali - it's just as big (maybe bigger) than the one above.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

I have never been into sports. The extent of my sporting activities has always been as a spectator (keeping someone else company as they watch the game). I do know, however, the term March Madness - it pertains to basketball.

Today at work my department (a total of 3 individuals, including myself) we each filled out one of those bracket things.

Two of us (including myself) ended up with Villanova as the winner. So apparently now we have to pick an actual score to server as the tie breaker between us if Villanova actually wins (???)

Of course I was totally clueless as to how to go about picking which school (until they told me that the little number next to each school is the rank in their category). So I came up with a logical reasoning behind each pick. Reason behind Villanova? I had a good friend all through college that was a big Villanova fan and used to always talk about it. I had no clue where this school was or anything (I looked it up this afternoon, it's in Pennsylvania, and why it plays in the "South" bracket is beside me).

Here are some of my picks in the Reg. Semis category and the reasoning behind each:
*Gonzaga - that word is so cool
*GA Tech - have to represent the home state somehow
*Vanderbilt - like the mansion
*Georgetown - like the town
*Cornell - good hospitality school, I wanted to go there but it's too far up north
*Clemson - have several friends that went there
*Duke & Wake Forest - have to represent Norm's home state somehow
*Michigan - have good friends that live there
*Florida - who doesn't like sunshine and beaches?

There you have it - the things that go through the mind of a non-sporting person.

I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth: but checking the scores and all that stuff is pretty exciting. I might actually watch a game. Or two.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remnants of a Stormy Afternoon

Yesterday it stormed and around 6:00pm the sun came out. I love when this happens! On days like yesterday I wish I had a super fancy camera to capture these seconds of nature - then I look at the price tag on those things and figure my little HP camera will do for now...

Of course the rainbow came out!

A couple of minutes later I look at the rainbow again and there was a second one! (look closely, the second one is to the left of the super bright one). There was no leprechaun or pot of gold...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Much

Not much has really been going on since February 27... it was Pablo's birthday, we went out for fried shrimp baskets and it was fun (and good).

Norm has been working long and hard on getting the new snackbar/restaurant opened - grand opening is next week!

The new computer finally came in and we've been in the process of putting it up to date with our files and pictures. The computer - it's a laptop - is big and the outside of it is super shiny. It holds fingerprints well... too well. Drives me crazy actually.

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

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Family Picture 2015

Christmas Picture 2011

Christmas Picture 2011

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Family Picture 2009
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