Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

I have never been into sports. The extent of my sporting activities has always been as a spectator (keeping someone else company as they watch the game). I do know, however, the term March Madness - it pertains to basketball.

Today at work my department (a total of 3 individuals, including myself) we each filled out one of those bracket things.

Two of us (including myself) ended up with Villanova as the winner. So apparently now we have to pick an actual score to server as the tie breaker between us if Villanova actually wins (???)

Of course I was totally clueless as to how to go about picking which school (until they told me that the little number next to each school is the rank in their category). So I came up with a logical reasoning behind each pick. Reason behind Villanova? I had a good friend all through college that was a big Villanova fan and used to always talk about it. I had no clue where this school was or anything (I looked it up this afternoon, it's in Pennsylvania, and why it plays in the "South" bracket is beside me).

Here are some of my picks in the Reg. Semis category and the reasoning behind each:
*Gonzaga - that word is so cool
*GA Tech - have to represent the home state somehow
*Vanderbilt - like the mansion
*Georgetown - like the town
*Cornell - good hospitality school, I wanted to go there but it's too far up north
*Clemson - have several friends that went there
*Duke & Wake Forest - have to represent Norm's home state somehow
*Michigan - have good friends that live there
*Florida - who doesn't like sunshine and beaches?

There you have it - the things that go through the mind of a non-sporting person.

I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth: but checking the scores and all that stuff is pretty exciting. I might actually watch a game. Or two.

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marti ward said...

I didn't know Norm was NC boy! My hubby is too! We are normally glued to the TV during basketball season and March Madness but since the Tarheels really really sucked this year we haven't really paid any attention.

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