Monday, November 23, 2009

A Dinning Experience

On Saturday night, Norm and I had dinner with The FourCoursemen. The FourCoursemen consist of a group of young men and women (25 - 35 years old) that throw dinner parties in Athens. They don't earn a living through this and they don't run an established restaurant. They do this totally on the side because they love food.

This is a new dining concept that is starting to creep up, you can learn more here, I think they do a better job at describing what they do than I do.

So we went on Saturday and this was our menu (click on the picture to zoom in and read all the wonderful menu items):

We had no idea what we were going to be fed before we got there. The dinner parties are usually advertised with a 24 hour window and the menu is not published - it is usually determined the morning of the dinner.

The dining room (below) can accommodate about 24 people. Unless you have a large group, you get to sit and eat with people you don't know (I'm not too fond of this part).

Here's Norm before dinner

The group is super laid back, they cook all the food themselves -
here they are getting ready for plate up.

Plating the beet salad

Norm and I after eating the beat salad (I tried taking pictures of the food, but the lighting in the room was very dim, so the food pictures did not come out...)

Getting ready for another plate up -
I think this might have been the quail

Right before each course Patrick (guy below) comes out, rings that bell to get everybody's attention, and explains the dish we are about to eat. He talks about how he came up with the dish and any other details about cooking or origin of products used.

The girl on the other side (Nancy) is the sommelier. After the dish is described, she talks about the wine pairing, history of the wine and the reason why she picked it.

This was a very fun and interesting experience. The food was excellent, so was the food presentation as well as the wine pairings. Definitely need to go again. They are just so popular that when their RSVPs open (after they send out the email invite), the dinner sells out in 1 minute... literally.

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