Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All the Pretty Flowers

Norm and I have always enjoyed gardening, even from the very beginning when we had our little pots on our little porch at the apartment we rented at the Lake. From there we moved to our house and absolutely took in every opportunity to work on the yard. Eight years later we moved to a house in Macon that had a yard the size of our living room which involved little to no gardening.

Today, we live in an old house with an established garden. Although this can sometimes be a curse (mainly when it comes to cleaning up last tenant's mess and getting poison ivy that won't go away for 3 months...) the payoffs of a mature garden are unbelievable.

In the last week or so, the azaleas have been blooming... everywhere. Here are some pictures from our yard:

When I was getting pictures of these beautiful purple blooms...

I got a visitor:

Who decided to pose for me

Tennis ball and all

When I was done getting his shots, I turned around to find this:

Along with that "purpose run" I could hear "what about me Mama?!?!? Get my picture too!!!!"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pictures Just Because

If there is ever one reason why my next phone should be an iPhone instead of a Droid, it will be because the iPhone camera is significantly better than the Droid. That is the only reason why I would even consider my next phone to be an iPhone.

Here are some pictures from this evening... taken on Norm's iPhone in different picture settings

Here is Norm enjoying this 77 degree April weather

When all of a sudden we hear a "crack" and this happened:

Baby girl posing for the camera:

Pretty toes with awesome nail polish that is lasting over a week...

Cali girl patroling the neighborhood:

Finally we figured out how to go around all the shade in our yard and located a sunny spot so we can have a "full sun" container: 

Failed kisses for her Daddy Norm:

I guess one is never too old for "selfies":

Handsome Old Man:

And that my friends, is how we spend Spring evenings on Fama Drive.

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Family Picture 2016

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Family Picture 2015

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Christmas Picture 2011

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Family Picture 2009
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