Thursday, February 26, 2015

Already In Love

It's no secret that Cali is already in love with her baby brother. She not only follows me everywhere, lays at my feet and sits next to me but she cuddles with my belly.

Every time we have moments like this I get so overwhelmed by the power of instinct. I'm confident that she can hear and feel him.  

Now let's just hope that these loving feelings continue once Benjamin is with us... AND that they are mutual!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wiggle Worm

Baby B moves... a lot... pretty much at any time of the day (and night). He is usually the most active in the evenings when I get to sit down and put my feet up and relax - although he also likes to wake me up before the alarm clock in the mornings by punching and kicking all at the same time.

Finally the other night we were able to catch his moving on video. It is crazy to see him move - pay close attention to my belly. The first time he kicks (around second :08, then again at :16)  you'll be able to notice the difference between me breathing and him moving.

His dad says that he's practicing his dancing moves...

I say this child better calm down once he is born, otherwise, we are in for trouble!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's Starting to Get Real

Remember all the people asking me if I was ready for the baby to be here and I just wanted to slap them quiet? Well, finally we are getting ready for baby!

Long story short, we bought a house. Here it is:
More to follow on that on another post.

The very first thing we tackled this past weekend was the nursery. Norm sanded the sponge finish on two of the walls...

I came behind and put blue tape (where I could) to get ready for painting:

Then he primed the walls that are going to get the lighter shade of green:

Here are the greens!!! One wall gets the dark green and three walls get the light green. Also known as "Apple" and "Cabbage"

Then it was time to paint! The green looks very bright, it's actually way more subtle than the picture shows.

For obvious reasons (mainly because I move slow and I am quite limited on what I can do...) we didn't finish... We should finish painting this coming up Sunday and then it'll be time to set up the furniture!

No, we haven't moved yet... that'll be the following weekend. One weekend at a time. 

Monday, February 16, 2015


The last time I remember being the center of - and reason for - the party was my wedding day, almost 12 years ago... Last weekend lovely ladies threw a shower for Benjamin Daniel (who is still inside my belly, therefore, I was the center of the party in his behalf).

Although I don't think it has yet sunk in that he is our son, forever, something that has sunk in is how much love there is for this little guy already.

Friends and family came to celebrate his almost arrival and they certainly showered us with gifts - we had so many! We are so grateful.

Absolutely all the details of the decor and food and games were adorable and perfect. These ladies certainly put their heart on everything they did and made it beautiful!

Then it was time to open the presents... we sure received a good spectrum of gifts!! From crib, to stroller to (3) Boppys to a seersucker bib - because you can't live in the south without a seersucker something!

This picture came out blurry but I had to share it because it's the cutest little bathing suit - pretty much ever.

More pictures!

The awesome home owners that opened their house to celebrate Baby B (the diaper cake holds a bottle of wine in the center.....)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Conversations with a Chef

Today Norm was a work and wasn't feeling well. At one point he sent me a message telling me that he had been freezing all day. So I told him to check his temperature.

He finally came home shortly after I got home (quite early for his schedule). The conversation went like this:

Fern: How are you feeling love?
Norm: Not well
Fern: Did you get to take your temperature?
Norm: I did, but I don't think the meat thermometer was very accurate
Fern: ........... how about we use a regular thermometer.....

Yes, I heard that and you read it correctly. He actually tried to take his temperature with the meat thermometer.

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