Sunday, November 27, 2011


We discovered a new gadget this weekend:
No, it is not a whisk. It is a head massager/scratcher. If you don't believe me, you can read more about it (and buy it) here.

It kept us entertained for a bit. We scratched our own heads:

We scratched each other's heads:

And plain had fun with it:

Even Pellet got a head scratch:

Call us goofy and weird, but the truth of the fact is that this product actually exists and it not only beats eggs, it is actually marketed as a head massager. It's definitely worth the $5 (in average) investment!

Advent is Here

So I made a wreath! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Doggie Door

When we first got Pellet, we had a thought, for a split second, about getting a doggie door for him. Then we thought "he would NEVER fit through a doggie door". 

Well, we've been proved wrong. The rental house has a doggie door and the dogs love it! Well... Cali loves it. Pellet is still skeptical about it.

And yes, I do get taken out at the end of one of these videos... camera hit the floor and everything! It was funny.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello World

This happens every once in a while... the first time it happened I felt really bad that I had gone a few weeks - if not longer - without blogging. I felt horrible that I had let my handful of readers down. I could picture them visiting the blog every couple of days with hopes of reading about the dogs or reading about whatever in our lives only to be hit with the same post they probably had already memorized the title of.

Now I'm realizing that this is normal. Sometimes, my brain overflows with ideas and I can't blog fast enough. Sometimes I find myself blogging twice in one day! Then, there are other times when I get ideas and for whatever reason just can't get around to blogging, so the ideas leave. Other times, I get no ideas.

I guess somewhere between work, Pinterest (how can one spend so many hours online looking at pretty things?), FarmVille (yes, yes, yes, go ahead and shake your head, I love FarmVille. There.), two awesome friends getting married in 2012, Jeopardy, going back to the lake to pick up even more things from the other house and everything else that comes along with life, blogging has taken the back seat.

Hopefully blogging is ready to ride shotgun now!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Shady Project

I think I might have mentioned at some point that the rental house has no backyard privacy. This is what the backdoor opens up to:

Having been a country girl for the past eight years, I could not handle the lack of privacy. So after a long and unsuccessful search for the perfect shades that I had in my head, I decided to make shades myself, my way (which does not involve sewing)


Adhesives (I ended up using LOTS more of the Heat n Bond):

Tension rods to hang up the shades - we can't drill on the porch structure, so we had to get creative:

I measured and cut the fabric and then glued the side seams with the invisible stitch:

Then folded it one more time and ironed it on using the seam tape:

Then did the same for the top and the bottom and glued it using the seam tape:

Leaving enough space for the tension rods to fit through:

The ends of the top and bottom hems were coming undone before the shades were even up. So I sewed it by hand to secure the edge of the seam:

Here are the before and after!

Originally all the sides were going to be covered - but it might be a little overkill... Did I do this all on my own, you might ask? Well, no! I had helpers!

And there you have it! My first official "crafty" project!

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