Monday, July 25, 2011

On-Going Little Issue

This (the seam around Pellet's bead coming undone):

Seems to be an on-going issue around here. I have sewn the seam at various points about 4 times already in less than six months. He must get bored at night when we sleep, or when we're not home, because I am yet to catch him eating the seams of his bed...

I am just going to put out there at I'm pretty certain it's the dog and not the bed - because Cali's bed is the same brand and just as old as Pellet's and her bed's seams are just fine. Then again... Cali has been caught hanging out on Pellet's bed before...

No telling.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clean House

Today our poor house got a good cleaning. Both inside and out. Inside involved the usual washing, vacuuming, and dusting but for some reason this week there was an overwhelming amount of dog hair everywhere. I am quite thankful for my super Dyson vacuum cleaner (highly recommended to all who have dogs, or allergies, or just want to invest on a super awesome, powerful vacuum).

While I was inside doing all that, Norm was outside cleaning the porch railing... the wrap.around.porch railing. 

Step 1: Spray wood with diluted bleach
Step 2: Scrub with brush
Step 3: Rinse
Step 4: Repeat until completed

For obvious reasons, the dogs were barricaded in the back yard. Although they hung out by the barricade so they could watch Norm work. Here's Pellet hanging out:

Then there is Cali. She can't do normal things, always has to be the obnoxious one:

Here is a "before", "during" and "after" the cleaning. Amazing! 

Our railing is super white and shiny now. It's borderline painful to the eyes...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shagging Then and Now

This past weekend we went to visit Norm's mom in South Carolina. Our visit coincided with the 20th Anniversary of Jr. S.O.S. Norm was asked to judge one of the contests - this was neat since Norm had been a junior shagger himself many many moons ago.

Here's a video of Norm and his partner Leslie dancing back in 1999 as juniors:

Here is a video of (not-so-junior-anymore) Norm and  his mom shagging this past weekend at the O.D. Pavilion in N. Myrtle Beach:

Fun times!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunflower Farm Festival

The Sunflower Farm Festival has been taking place for the past 10 years. We've been living here for the past 8 years. Today was the first year we got a chance to go to the festival but it hopefully will not be the last!

We had an absolutely awesome time! Not only did the festival involve sunflowers (obviously) but there were tons of vendors that sold all sorts of unique items. There was a stage that had a performer (of bluegrass or country music) continuously throughout the day. And of course you can't have a festival in the South that doesn't involve roasted corn and funnel cakes.



a working ice cream machine sits on the bed of that truck. We bought peach and strawberry ice cream. GOOD!

Found some shade to while we ate and listened to the live music

mini greenhouse

beautiful sunflowers!

lots of tin art everywhere

For more (incriminating) pictures please click here. This is the first time I link a Kodak Gallery album to the blog, not sure if I'm doing it right or not. Let's hope it works! 

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2016

Family Picture 2015

Family Picture 2015

Christmas Picture 2011

Christmas Picture 2011

Family Picture 2009

Family Picture 2009
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