Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fig Tree

I don't know if I ever got around to blog about our fig tree:

But then again, the way August has played out... I probably thought about blogging about our fig tree and never got around to it for abcdefghijklmnop reason.

At some point during the summer it got full of figs:

Then all of a sudden, Norm realized that the figs were gone... Gone... GONE. We could not figure it out... the leaves were intact, so we didn't think the deer ate them... did maybe a neighbor pick them? But the tree sort of blends in with the surroundings so unless you know there's a fig tree there you wouldn't be able to spot it and let alone it's baby figs.

Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

GEESE!! I think these geese (ha!) might have played some sort of role in the eating of the figs...

The joys of country living... I could be eating nice ripe figs at the moment... instead I'm munching on sun chips...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What has happened? I haven't a clue why I have been this disconnected from my blog. I guess somewhere between evening walks, the beach, work and being addicted to a Yahoo! game I lost motivation to sit down and write away.

I have had things to share though, so I'm going to share them all NOW.

1. Last week I washed my smiley face mouse pad. Pablo gave me this mouse pad way back when I was in college. He is supposed to be bright yellow (obviously) but due to daily usage he had turned a funky shade of brown. Here he is nice and bright and clean!

2. We went to visit Norm's mom in South Carolina and therefore went to the beach. The weather was awesome and we got to spend quality time with each other and with the sun, the waves and the sand.

3. We've continued to walk, and when it rains we do jumping jacks. It's working out alright I suppose. Michelle shared this link with us and she did so at a perfect timing because Norm and I had been talking about doing the Jingle Bell Run out here at Lake Oconee... so as soon as we get it together (which should be today after dinner) we are going to start following the Cool Running routine (with the funky looking Sketchers Shape Ups we bought at the beach...)

4. Cali decided to take over Pellet's mat and play tug of war with it... She was finally caught "in action" two nights ago and got reprimanded... let's hope she's learned.

5. I'm pretty sure this happened today at the grocery store (as in one hour ago) because I didn't notice it this morning when I left the house and nobody parked next to me at work... See that dent in the middle of the door? Yeah... it's lovely. It could be worse... it could be like Pellet and Cali's aunt Julie (friend from work who watches them while we are away) whose car was hit by a Navigator and the driver took off... thankfully another person in the parking lot witnessed it all... Navigator got towed).

That's it for now... now I'm off to catching up with all the other blogs I read on a regular basis (which I haven't been reading... no clue why).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Habit

Today we walked one mile in 18 minutes - when our goal was 15 minutes. Tomorrow we will try it again.

We have printed a calendar (made in the wonderful and versatile program by the name of Excel) and posted it up on the fridge. Under today's box it says: 1 mile = 18 min.

We are going to meet this goal and we'll keep setting stricter ones (strict in both time and distance). Today we walked fast - but one day we will run (for you folks that have been to our house, walking a mile is not an easy task on our road... this task involves 4 serious hills).

The other day Norm and I realized that our bodies are actually craving exercise, that's when we made a decision to take this on and develop a habit to exercise (which according to text books takes 21 days to develop). We'll see where we stand on August 26...

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